Description: The world of Greyhawk was the setting most closely identified with the development of the Dungeons & Dragons game from 1972 until 2008. The world itself started as a simple dungeon under a castle designed by Gary Gygax for the amusement of his children and friends, but it rapidly expanded to include not only a complex multi-layered dungeon environment, but also the nearby city of Greyhawk, and eventually, an entire world. The first campaign that I myself started in was Phoenix based in Greyhawk in The Village of Hommlet as Greymouser 1984.

Campaign Setting: GreyHawk 3.5 Edition

Contact Email:

Dungeon Masters: Kevin

Number of Players: 7

Campaign Start Date: 1/1/2010

Schedule: Every 2 weeks

Campaign Duration: 4 hours on Thursday Nights

Typical Campaign Time: 6pm – 10pm

Campaign Spotlight: The Village of Hommlet has grown up around a crossroads in a woodland. Once far from any important activity, it became embroiled in the struggle between gods and demons when the Temple of Elemental Evil arose but a few leagues away. Luckily for its inhabitants, the Temple and its evil hordes were destroyed a decade ago, but Hommlet still suffers from incursions of bandits, strange monsters, and now the evil characters themselves.

The Characters:

Alec as Esgalwen “Gwen” the Rogue/Wizard

Jaclyn as Josephine “Joki” the Mord-Sith

Dave as Turok the Unholy Cleric

D as Himself as Xandar the Rogue oops the Warrior

Karen as Madrika the Ranger but don’t put her up front

John as Guloth The Dark lets kill something

Theoge as Quarne “Q” the Ranger

Evil In Greyhawk