Evil In Greyhawk


July 1st – 10th Turok is still enchanting the various items for the party. Gwen and Joki are working on setting up Mad Jo’s to open. Madrika spends a lot of time cleaning and fixing up the moathouse.

July 11th Burne tells the party where the Orc war party headed an Orc stronghold in the hills some 5 days walking form Hommlet. They party begins the long walk to the keep after learning about the keep.
July 12 - 15th The party heads out to the stronghold they only encounters a band of Bugbear in their 5 day trip. They arrive late at night and ambush two of the Orc guards and enter into the keep.

June 1st – 2nd The party finishes up the area encounters and Gwen informs Burne about the Orc war party heading into the Kron hills.

June 3rd - 11thThe group is back resting at the moathouse or in town. On the 10th Xandar returns to Hommlet to pick up Turoks potion lab from the traders and orders a magic shop at this time. Turok makes a potion of healing for Gwen before leaving for Verbononc.
June 12th - 14th Early morning the party heads out for there 3 day trip to Verbononc. Having no unusual encounters on the way they arrive late at night on the 14th.
June 15th - 23rd  While staying at Jylee’s Inn (C3) the group meets every night for dinner, but during the day they all do their own thing. Gwen trades up all the gear for cash and spends her extra time making some extra cash. Joki learns some startling news about her past. Madrika and Turok spent time site seeing and checking out the city. Xandar spend every waking hour in The Pampered Polecat (F10) servicing 19 of their best woman including Gwen.
June 24th - 26th The party travels back to Hommlet and encounters nothing intrusting on the way back. Arriving late at night Xandar crashes at Mad Jo’s for the night, while Turok and Madrika head back to the moathouse.
June 27th - 31st On the 27th Joki drops off her armor at the moathouse for Turok to enchant. Gwen upon arriving at the Welcome Wench Inn for work learns about Jaroos death while the party was away. Rufus has also returned with 48 more men at arms, bring the total garrison to 60 now.  Also begining on the 27th Turok begins enchanting several items for the group Joki’s armor, Madrika’s weapon, Turok’s armor and shield. This enchanting will tie up Turok up for 15 days ending on July 10th.

May 1st the party arrive at Hommlet and camp just east of the tower outside of town a few hundred feet off the main road. Gwen and Mardrika enter into the town at different points and apparently do not know each other. Gwen heads to the Inn, while Madrika heads to the village elder. Together they learn about the Moathouse, The Evil Temple, and about some of the locals. Mardrika heads back to the camp, while Gwen takes a job for the Innkeeper at night for free room and board.

May 2nd  half the party remain out side town at the base camp, the other half say in town at the Inn. The base camp has 3 encounters during the night, but nothing of interest.
May 3rd the party arrive at the Moathouse in the early morning. The party clear out the entire ground level in half a day and camp for the night in the secret stairway. Gwen leaves for the night to make her way back to the Inn to work her night shift. In the early morning some wandering Bugbears search the place and remove a chest with some of the party's loot.
May 4th the party enters into the dungeon level of the Moathouse. Clearing out the entire level in a day, they claim the Moathouse for themselves. 
May 5th Gwen, Joki, Madrika buy Mad Jo’s Bargins #39 on the map from the town. The other half of the party remain at the Moathouse dungeon leve.
May 6th Xandar and Quarne arrive at Hommlet after being at Nulb for a few days. The party heads out to clear out local encounters. After a day of moving around the come across a pack of Worgs.
May 7th - 8th The party continues to search the local area  to clear out all encounters.
May 9th The party attacks and kill a small  13 man mounted patrol (Verbononc), killing all and disposing of everything.
May 10th - 13th  The party continues to search the local area  to clear out all encounters.
May 14th - 20th Turok and Madrika spend time cleaning up the keep, Guloth makes miscellaneous scrolls, Xandar orders Turoks shop supplies from the trader, Gwen spends her time in town gossiping while Joki lounges around the house enjoying bath time. 
May 21st - 26th The party continues to search the local area to clear out all encounters.
May 27th While the party was clearing out the area they encountered a Dire Bear in a fight  for there lives Xandar was killed.
May 28th  Joki , Madrika and Gwen take Xandar body to Jaroo Ashstaff the local druid. He casts reincarnate turning a human Xandar into a Half-Orc.
May 29th - 31st The party continues to clear out the surrounding area of creatures.
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