Josephine ‘Joki’ Harpenger


A thin brow arched, ever present appraising gaze and unwavering confidence. She almost always wears heavy makeup. Deep brown eyes peer out from dark exhaustion shadows, flitting to various points of un interest. Her face, an eternal mask of indifference and apathy. Over the course of her life, Joki has obtained many scars, most of which are clearly the result of her childhood. Across her throat, lies a rather haphazard, but faint scar. Decorating the palm of her right hand is a highly detailed tattoo of a Manticore writhing around the four rivets of a wine red Persian shield.

Gwen, Madrika, and Joki have bought a house in Hommlet (#39) to use as a trading post.


Josephine ‘Joki’ Harpenger

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